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Bespoke contract and freelance development for web and database business systems

Hybrid Clouds - Your Secure Services - All around the world!

Our Hybid Clouds offer a full range of hosting and service options to deploy your digital infrastructure and services to your customers and users everywhere - with the peace of mind knowing your systems are with the best providers available.

Our software and services can be deployed in any environment - giving you total control and total flexibility.

Our new Hybrid Cloud services are the best of all worlds!

All our software solutions can be installed to any of the following locations.  Make your services available to the world!

On-premise Private Cloud

Public Cloud
with Azure / Amazon AWS
New Hybrid Cloud

Best for Large teams in one location

Ultra Secure File Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth Usage

Large Disk / RAID Usage

Running Lots of Virtual Machines or Applications
Load Balancing for peak demands***

Regularly scaling up / down machines
Working within a fixed Budget

Non IT / technical users

Running a mix of different services
No Currently Limited. 
Ask for details
Yes - Regional Yes - Regional

One off
12 Month Contract

Monthly Payments

Deposit Required
Monthly or

Deposit Required
Flexible Terms

Monthly or Annual Payments

Deposit may be Required

Fixed Pricing Available

Yes Yes No Yes
Free Hosting Options Limited by Office Bandwidth No, but you can host as many services as you can fit at no extra charge!** Limited to 1Gb, 1x vCPU** Yes
Running Costs

Your power & internet bill None - Everything is included! Pay for storage, CPU use, Disk I/O, Bandwidth usage, software rental None - We budget for you


Any server you can buy! Single / Dual Xeons
Up to 12Tb storage per host
Any AWS or Azure offer All Options Available

Memory + 
Storage Upgrades
Memory + Storage Upgrades

Create additional VM's

Add custom servers to the datacenter
Fully flexible
Scaling On Demand*
Mix & match as required

Your office UK / Europe / USA
Global options are limited
Global Global
Colocation N/A Yes No Yes
Hardware Access Yes Yes, By Appointment No Limited By Appointment

Data never leaves your premises Very cost effective for high disk or high bandwidth applications

Create customer machines (VMs) without additional hardware costs**
Only pay for what you use Fully Managed Service - Know your costs in advance

We move and scale your applications and services as needed, keeping you informed before costs occur

Dedicated Service Engineer(s) are assigned to each Account - never get stuck with a call center or on-line only support!


Secure Intranet

Application Server

Office File Server

Office Mail Exchange Server

Global Document and File Stores, Media libraries

Staff, Supplier and Partner Portals for collaboration and content sharing

Communication Platforms

High Bandwidth Web Applications with large teams accessing large databases

High Availability Options
Public Websites with unexpected bursts of high traffic and loads

High Availability

Cluster / GPU Farming
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions

Fully Managed IT Services

Mix of Public Websites and Private Applications

Demo websites and Applications can run Free****

High Availability Options

A true End-to-End service

We offer the complete package.  We can build your software knowing exactly the environment best suited to your needs.  We can tune the hosting around your requirements, and support you right the way through.  With our Bespoke Software services - you get a single point of contact for your entire solution.

CodeStep's solutions aren't just software.....  

They are your entire online service, and our experience and portfolio speaks for itself.


* On-Demand scaling may require interuptions or restarts to service to take effect, subject to supplier.
** Additional licencing may be needed depending on software required.  Bandwidth charges may apply.  Credit Card Required.
*** Load Balancing requires additional services and compatible software.
**** Free Demo sites are available subject to a support or development contract.  Limited to 2x vCPU and 2Gb RAM.

Note Some Services are region specific and may or may not be available in your area, subject to availability.

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are trademarks of their respective owners.  We give no guarantee as to the availability of services at the time of order and any offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time by the respective suppliers.  We only offer hosting packages as part of our software solutions and they are not sold separately.